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How to Balance Debt Repayment with Having a Life

As housing prices continue to climb along with utility costs, food prices, and seemingly just about everything else in life, it can seem like your debt repayment is squeezing out your other financial goals. Debt problems can quickly begin to take over your life, leaving little to no room for what’s important to you, like retirement savings, an emergency reserve fund, RESP contributions, or discretionary spending. Don’t lose hope though, there are many things you can do to prioritize paying off your debts, which can increase your ability to set money aside for those short- and long-term goals that add […]

Finding a Balance Between Debt and Life (Infographic)

Being Debt Free: A Distant Goal? (Infographic)

Millennials in Need of Debt Help are Delaying Life Milestones

Debt help is becoming a more frequent concern for young Canadians, especially those who have graduated with student debt. In fact, debt is having such an impact on millennials and Gen Xers that they are delaying or even foregoing the thought of marriage or parenthood. Ontario’s new budget, which offers free post-secondary tuition to lower income families may help offset debt amounts, though much of student debt is accumulated through living expenses, not simply tuition fees. The millennial dilemma The choice to have, or not have children is very personal. Millennials are finding themselves deep in debt upon graduation with […]

The Parent Trap (Infographic)