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Millennials in Need of Debt Help are Delaying Life Milestones

Debt help is becoming a more frequent concern for young Canadians, especially those who have graduated with student debt. In fact, debt is having such an impact on millennials and Gen Xers that they are delaying or even foregoing the thought of marriage or parenthood. Ontario’s new budget, which offers free post-secondary tuition to lower income families may help offset debt amounts, though much of student debt is accumulated through living expenses, not simply tuition fees. The millennial dilemma The choice to have, or not have children is very personal. Millennials are finding themselves deep in debt upon graduation with […]

The Parent Trap (Infographic)

How to Stay Optimistic About Debt Repayment Plans

It’s well known that the Canadian economy is slowing down, as seen by the falling loonie, lower oil prices, and plummeting stock market. These could be reasons for many Canadians to worry about their debt and savings plans. But according to a recent Ipsos Reid poll done on behalf of BDO Canada, 49 per cent think their debt levels will improve and 44 per cent think their net worth will improve this year. What we are hearing from many economists and pundits indicates that what people are expecting will happen this year might not be what really ends up happening. […]

Financial Health Check: Facing Debt Reality (Infographic)

Here Are the 3 Most Common Debt Consolidation Services in Ontario

Have your holiday bills caught up with you? Are you looking for ways to pay back your debts and get ahead in the new year? Over 70 per cent of Canadians have some form of debt, with the average Canadian carrying $21,028 in unsecured debt. This might be partially due to the fact that there is so much misinformation when it comes to debt, and consumers can become confused about their options. Debt consolidation services in Ontario are available to help you regain financial stability and pay down debt this January. Become a savvy consumer this year and learn more […]